Border Patrol

By the end of the 60’s Nygaardsparken in Bergen, Norway was becoming an open drug scene close to the city center. During the 80’s harder drugs became available and by 2014 the park had turned into one of the biggest markets for hard drugs in northern Europe.

In the summer of 2014, local politicians had decided to close the park and end the markets long history. Critics claimed that the effort was populistic and purely cosmetic, as there was little plans for increased rehabilitation of the users or any clear idea about where they would go next.

As the park was sealed of late that same summer, and the the users left, a pattern that had been vitnessed in Oslo a few years earlier after a similar decission, became apparent. Substance dependants were desperately searching for their dealers in the heart of the city, and a new drug scene emerged. And this time it was spread out around the main square of Bergen.

Facing this new reality, local politicians and police are trying to cope. Highly questionable strategies are beeing implemented. The police are tripling fines towards people they see as ‘’problems’’. A map of the inner city is handed out to some of the users, effectively evicting people from certain areas of the town.

In the video I am patroling one of the invisible borders created on the eviction map. Diagonaly cutting through the main square of Bergen.